Flamenco Biennial is a promotional platform set up to develop hispanic culture and flamenco art, with the support of the Ministry of Culture.
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Born as a joint initiative between International Festival and Flamenco Streaming, our challenge is to build a cultural program, gathering artists worldwide, to stage a ‘nomadic’ international flamenco event every two years, each time focused on a different spot around the globe.

From launching the first Taipei Flamenco Festival on Radio Taiwan International, to supporting flamenco artists in Oman, and promoting Hispanic culture in Malaysia or in the Philippines, Flamenco Biennial FBL hopes to play a role in stimulating cultural interchange and linking a wide range of territories, artistic genres and formats.

Much remains to be done to explore the limitless possibilities offered by today’s new forms of performing arts, as well as screening flamenco show live events.

As an event planner, FBL creates opportunities to develop exceptional artists and projects abroad. And thanks to our creativity and networking ability, we can help you achieve your own objectives, and produce unique experiences.

We open up avenues and set new trends. FBL is all about crafting a challenging program of cultural events and entertainment. Yet most of all, we work towards making the world of flamenco accessible to everyone.